A Chocolate Fantasy Come True

PDEMOULIN Chocolatier

We ought to experience some luxurious simple pleasures along the journey. As a lover of chocolate, in a city that breeds the good stuff. I had to share my own. It all started with the seduction of the aroma, the rest is, as they say history. Introducing PDemoulin Patissier Chocolatier. A dose of heaven in my neighborhood that was craving my attention since a couple of nights ago. Today I had to give in and see what this dessert boutique saw in me. The little I did know was enough…this place had great taste.

You know it’s good when all you need is only a taste to not only satisfy but sustain you. When it lingers on past the initial meeting, and you’ve been captivated mentally, pleased aesthetically, nurtured emotionally and at peace spiritually. It’s better than good. My truth; I ABSOLUTELY experienced chocolate that accomplished all of that and a little more. Treat yourself…I sure did.

Jealous much? Don’t be. Your unfiltered version of pure JoY lies in your own journey. Have you taken one today? Check out some of the highlights from my own.

Strawberry Heaven Dessert Bar Dessert Bar Part 2

The Golden Eggs Chocolate Farm Chocolate Cuties Part 2

100E1208 The Ultimate Chocolate Milk

A little something that came home with me (*_~)

My Goodie Bag 100_1211 Chocolate Cutie

Happy Easter Bunnies!


I Played Myself…

a YouTube video worth talking about.

Life is…Tough. Intense. Challenging. Unfair. Hard. And even Boring as hell at times. It is Hard to stop eating carbs when you love bread, pasta and rice. Not to mention brownies and cakes. However you’ve decided that you want better health and an actual waistline more than you wish to stuff your face. You invest in a personal trainer, and the workouts are Tough! Even Intense at times, but you get over it. With persistence and dedication, you realize sticking to your new lifestyle isn’t as Challenging as you anticipated. Yes, the diet is a little Boring at times. Sure it’s Unfair that your trainer is counting, yelling, and even snacking while your sweating, aching and almost crying.

Again. I believe I know how this ends. I played myself a YouTube video worth talking about, because it lit a fire in me that pushed myself to get results in my life within an hour. The fact that you are reading this is enough evidence that you are worth More (and worth talking about too). I hope this isn’t a case of me believing in you and whatever your dream is more than you do. This people, is about Choices! No secret, we all know this. However because life is all those things that I already mentioned at times, most people (including myself) have a tendency to choose by default in our lives. What do I mean? Are you paying enough attention to your life? Are you working on personal goals that help you get to your dreams? Are you grateful for your blessings enough to look for the opportunity to pay it forward? So much so that you consciously make the Best decision, for what your heart desires. If not, you should. You are- correction, WE are worth our own version of More. When we give our power away, we end up choosing by default. I learned that when I actually acknowledge my own power, I make better usage of it.

Life is also…Amazing. Good. Fulfilling. Exciting. Beautiful. And even LOL funny at times. How Beautiful is it when you witness a baby smile for the first time, no teeth and usually lots of spit. It’s still a sight that’s pretty Amazing. It is incredibly Fulfilling when you’ve accomplished a goal you took serious enough to make happen, whether it’s learning to ride a bike or go sky diving. You did it! And how did you feel? Good! How can you not LOL at yourself, when you’re searching everywhere…the purse, sports jacket, pockets and refrigerator even. In search of keys that were in the palm of your hand. When someone else believes in you enough to make an investment in you by purchasing your artwork, visiting your blog, hiring you to cater their wedding, or asking you to emcee at their fashion show, that’s Exciting!

You guys Life is worth Celebrating! Cheers to our More, better choices, and the fun that lies ahead on this journey.

*Below is the link to that Amazing YouTube video, he’s quite entertaining but the content is worth sharing, enjoy!*


Sleepless in the City

Oh Paris how I love you. You’re so beautiful. Magical even. And sure, it’s fine that I’ve been up to about 6am every single day for the two weeks I’ve been here so far. Sure I’m still jet lagged (insert side eye). And yes Paris, you give good sky normally, but I can barely see it because of the constant clouds that takes residence. Let’s not forget the rain. Constantly.

If we were on a first date, right about now would be when I decided I needed the rest room, hiked up my skirt, climbed out the back window and left you. Why? Because, right now you SUCK! Sure you’re gorgeous and have the best pastries I’ve ever experienced (my inner fat girl loves you for it). Yes, to the sexy accent, great culture, and the Eiffel Tower. However you have failed to give me what I need. Okay, so just maybe I’m not exactly sure what that looks like yet. Stop judging.

This is my point. When you don’t let me sleep, I bitch and moan and act like a brat, point out all of your flaws and how you haven’t pleased me. There is most certainly something about you Paris France, I don’t even get like this with NYC. Perhaps I should meditate.

And I do, grateful for my breathing app on my iPad (yes, occasionally I need help with breathing, properly).

Here it is. The experience, which is really a reminder. My marble stone tiles that are paving the way during my journey heat up under my feet, and allow the girl that has shown up to be checked by the woman who really runs the heart of me. Young lady you will have a seat and get over it. All of it. You are responsible for your own joy, pleasure, happiness, well being, fun, sunny skies and rainbows too. No city is responsible for your needs. Even on a bad day…your best is always more than enough, and you already know Who supplies your needs. So apologize, pull it together and get some rest.

I’m sorry…Good Night.

A Ha!

If you already read “Dear Paris “, then you are aware that I’m on a journey in a foreign city. Although I am meeting myself at my best daily, I’m still waiting on my Parisian Butterfly to sprinkle fairy dust my way (in my head butterflies and fairies share stuff, kind of like sisters) that will do more than just highlight my cheekbones perfectly. With all my current thoughts shared, let’s get to it, shall we?

I believe it is safe to say that you too, are apart of the human species like myself. Our hearts beat, we have blood flowing through our veins, and lungs that produce us with the mighty gift of oxygen (if we’re fortunate enough). Occasionally the very small percentage of our brain that we actually utilize creates an “A Ha” moment in our lives.  The one that I recently experienced was like a sun shower on a hot Summer day. Unexpected, appreciated, and necessary. Also just enough to distract me from waiting on my Parisian Butterfly. Our moment was an incredible one, but it is in the past and just maybe that is where it shall stay. With being accepting of that and open to the experiences I am in the midst of, I can’t help but become just a little more excited.

It is absolutely great news when you are able to release that thing, moment, and sometimes person that gave you a dose of something so delicious you wait patiently to feast on it once more. You even do your best to conjure up the fragrance of that meal,  believing in your mind that you were the chef who created it for it all along. I know…you may have no clue what direction I’m going in, but don’t worry I almost know how this ends.

My ‘A Ha’, is and was “What is my Legacy? Am I planting the seeds? Why is it important to me?” All of these thoughts just hit me at once, like a ton of bricks. BOOM! The fact that I am on a journey and have no clue how it will end, has already decorated my yellow brick road (except we’re swapping yellow bricks for marble stone tiles) with a strong foundation for the future pieces of me. My legacy that is. I discovered that I want to have an influential impact on this world by inspiring, motivating, challenging, empowering and LOVING through living a courageous life on my terms. And when I make the mistakes, learn the lesson and keep it moving. In short, I want people to remember that I had the guts to take off, spread my wings and FLY. I already expressed to you how the game had changed once I touched down on my dream, and that my tactic was to play for the experience. I believe it is safe to say that I now have a reason to play for the ‘Win’. My hunger for the prize lies in my gift I wish to leave in the future, I’m no longer doing this just for me.

In case you didn’t notice, I believe in miracles and the enchanted. After seeing a rainbow on the concrete wouldn’t you…


I was wrong. I had no clue how this would end. What I do know, is that my pen leads and I follow.

Dear Paris, With Love From Harlem (Repost)

*This is a revised version of my latest post, apparently it just disappeared and the original copy refuses to surface. If you’ve read the original, know that I will dance to the same song, but my moves may be different now*


The City of Lights…some may even say the City of Love. Paris, BABY Paris!! I’m baaacccckkk ! This love affair has been like a small candle burning internally since I can remember, but a couple of years ago I made up my mind that this Harlem girl would make one of her dreams reality.  My uncle asked a simple question over lunch Winter 2011. “What do you care about?” I sat across the table, with stained eyes from tears, messy hair, and the appearance of someone who looked like they no longer cared (frankly I didn’t) and said “Paris”. At thee most challenging time in my adult life thus far (I was battling a heavy case of depression), the dreamer inside was still alive and obviously had plans to keep dreaming. The aroma of the Parisian streets in my nasal passage was as evident as your heart beat in your chest. I wanted good croissants, better wine and that alluring French accent from a man up close and personal. It’s my truth, don’t judge me.  I desired Paris… more than anything. Summer 2011 was when I first had a taste. It only urged on my hunger to relocate to France. Now we sit at the steps of Spring 2013, and I’m here NOW! Embracing the rainy days, lack of communication (I’m not fluent in French), minimal company (I haven’t made any friends yet in my eight days here 🙂 ) and the challenge to stretch my US dollars as far as the Euro will allow (Nope, don’t have a job yet either, and the dollar SUCKS!). I’ve learned probably an invaluable lesson as soon as I stepped off the airplane. The Journey is more important than the location. Now this is something that I thought I accepted when I was in Harlem about ten days. However once that thought became a thing, it changed the game. I’ve decided I’m going to play for the experience instead of the “win”.

I share my journey with you as a reminder to myself and a prayer for you to do the following:

1) Have the COURAGE to accomplish a Dream. You’re Worth It!

2) Trusts yourself enough to realize that what may appear as a “fail” is never the end, usually it represents the opposite.

3) LIVE!! It’s important to participate in your life, not just fall subject to what the day throws your way.

I’ve lived in this magical city for over a week now, and I’m still awaiting the arrival for my “Parisian Butterfly” to show up. What exactly is that you ask? Well during my visit here two years ago, I saw for the first time in years, a butterfly. A white one at that! The moment I realized the enchanting creature was gracing my presence, it sealed the deal and stole my heart for this city. Almost nine days later that feeling (which is the Parisian Butterfly) hasn’t resurfaced. And perhaps it may not, but that doesn’t change my audacity to continue to Dream.