Thank You

A reason presents itself daily for it to be said to someone in regards to something they’ve done, or words they’ve expressed. Once upon a time, somewhere because of another human being, you were gifted with an experience that deserved it. We live in a culture that is so completely ungrateful and consumed with an attitude of expectation that a lot of times when those words are uttered they are meaningless. I know some of you have kind hearts and very much so believe in the power of a “Thank You”. I’m making a plea for your help people. I need your help with spreading the gift of these two words. I get that this is a random topic, and may seem left field. However! I just had thee most incredible, AUTHENTIC and personal feeling of gratitude explode on my insides. Because I just wanted to say those words to someone. I’ve thanked this person countless times in the past, and no they didn’t do anything at any given moment for me to say it. But it came from a place deep within, and was ready to be released. Saying “Thank You” did something different for me tonight. It gave me so much joy that I had to share it with you. Know out of all the things I believe in, the power of an experience is one of them. And that alone is all I desire to share with you.

Thank You…