I Played Myself…

a YouTube video worth talking about.

Life is…Tough. Intense. Challenging. Unfair. Hard. And even Boring as hell at times. It is Hard to stop eating carbs when you love bread, pasta and rice. Not to mention brownies and cakes. However you’ve decided that you want better health and an actual waistline more than you wish to stuff your face. You invest in a personal trainer, and the workouts are Tough! Even Intense at times, but you get over it. With persistence and dedication, you realize sticking to your new lifestyle isn’t as Challenging as you anticipated. Yes, the diet is a little Boring at times. Sure it’s Unfair that your trainer is counting, yelling, and even snacking while your sweating, aching and almost crying.

Again. I believe I know how this ends. I played myself a YouTube video worth talking about, because it lit a fire in me that pushed myself to get results in my life within an hour. The fact that you are reading this is enough evidence that you are worth More (and worth talking about too). I hope this isn’t a case of me believing in you and whatever your dream is more than you do. This people, is about Choices! No secret, we all know this. However because life is all those things that I already mentioned at times, most people (including myself) have a tendency to choose by default in our lives. What do I mean? Are you paying enough attention to your life? Are you working on personal goals that help you get to your dreams? Are you grateful for your blessings enough to look for the opportunity to pay it forward? So much so that you consciously make the Best decision, for what your heart desires. If not, you should. You are- correction, WE are worth our own version of More. When we give our power away, we end up choosing by default. I learned that when I actually acknowledge my own power, I make better usage of it.

Life is also…Amazing. Good. Fulfilling. Exciting. Beautiful. And even LOL funny at times. How Beautiful is it when you witness a baby smile for the first time, no teeth and usually lots of spit. It’s still a sight that’s pretty Amazing. It is incredibly Fulfilling when you’ve accomplished a goal you took serious enough to make happen, whether it’s learning to ride a bike or go sky diving. You did it! And how did you feel? Good! How can you not LOL at yourself, when you’re searching everywhere…the purse, sports jacket, pockets and refrigerator even. In search of keys that were in the palm of your hand. When someone else believes in you enough to make an investment in you by purchasing your artwork, visiting your blog, hiring you to cater their wedding, or asking you to emcee at their fashion show, that’s Exciting!

You guys Life is worth Celebrating! Cheers to our More, better choices, and the fun that lies ahead on this journey.

*Below is the link to that Amazing YouTube video, he’s quite entertaining but the content is worth sharing, enjoy!*


One thought on “I Played Myself…

  1. Indeed another inspiring blog. “You are worth more!” These are both life-lines and lines for the movies(-‘ “when we give away our power, we end up choosing by default” wow, so powerful!!
    Thank you for sharing. Today, I will make decisions that pay myself and all that I’m worth NOT play myself.

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