Self Evolution…Part 1

Wow!!! Time flies when you’re having fun…at least that’s what they say right? What about when you are trying to get back into the swing of things, but with a new perspective on life. In my personal opinion I actually think that time not only flies but fast forwards. I’ve been back in NYC for almost a month and so much has happened within the same familiar city but the rhythm that I dance to has changed drastically. It’s May 1st! I am just going to say that again…IT IS MAY 1ST! We are technically only thirty days away from being half way through 2013.

What are you doing? What’s going on? What has changed in your life? My answers are below…

What am I doing…challenging myself to stay focused on my priorities. Remembering what drove me back to the states. Working a day job with a company I respect and have a great relationship with but not settling nor pretending when it comes to what I want. PUSHING myself to devote quality time to my personal business goals and development. I am also allowing myself to start over yet again in pursuit of restoring my peace that resides within. Letting my guard down to be present and enjoy certain moments that are unexpected. Healing from losing a friendship, but grateful to have experienced it.

What’s going on… non-stop conversations with God and listening to the very thing I love often, music. I have learned that keeping a soundtrack playing consistently whether literally or my own internal playlist is like fuel to my soul. That’s the plus factor to an ever evolving dialogue with God that puts me in a place of humility and strength at the same time. Which is a great cocktail for what sustains me.

What has changed in my life…my perspective on Self Value and LOVE. I absolutely believe that when we have the courage to put our power into practice, it shifts the entire dynamics of experiencing and gifting self love. Which has a magnetic affect on our lives in an incredible way and attracts inexplicable blessings and joy that is beyond tangible. The tricky part is providing a space to embrace it fully. In a nut shell, I am doing me and loving it. Appreciating the mini victories that help me get to get the actual “Win”. My yellow brick road is still nice and toasty under my feet and my Parisian butterfly has Finally resurfaced you guys :). However it now permanently resides within and occasionally sings along to my heartbeat.

…get some of whatever adds to your happy. Like NOW! Time aint for eva! Participate in how you evolve.