Starting Over…Again

Homeward bound. Yes ladies and gents, if you didn’t know…I am back in NYC. Paris is a beautiful city. I spent a certain amount of time there for a very specific reason and got exactly what I needed. It was good to go, and it was good to come back. The joy I feel while navigating this journey down my version of a yellow brick road has been amplified since my return…

I just wanted to talk to you guys and let you know that it is okay to start over in life in whatever capacity is necessary for you to do exactly what it is you wish to do. As I am gaining wisdom through living, I’ve learned that we as people, have a tendency to believe that we know what we want and we are going after it. Rarely do we ask for what we want from ourselves though. We tell God, put it in the universe, vocalize it to our loved ones and friends, pray about it and the list goes on and on. Be clear, I have done and will continue to do all of the above, but the one thing I will do differently is tell myself as well. LITERALLY say…”I want to build my house from scratch, and my landscaping must provide a butterfly garden.” It sounds a little weird, and a little weird I most certainly am, according to some. My approach of talking to myself was deeper than affirmations (which I very much believe in). It’s really about being honest and unapologetic about what I say I want. Most importantly, for me it is about the accountability to myself.

While I was in the City of Lights, I knew right away that my experience would be different from my past trip to Paris a couple of years ago. The city helped me spend time with me, gain clarity of what I want, and the tools to execute a plan in order to gain it. In order to do it the most effective and smartest way required that I make my way back home…and start over…again.

What is it that you want that is worth starting over again? A new job, a new house, a new body, a new relationship, a new look, a new story to tell the world…WhAt is it?? Don’t be shy, share with me pretty please?

Follow Your Dream

Paris was one dream down. I still have plenty more to go.


And I Quote…

I have an admiration for words. What they can do once written, the way they perform artistically, how elusive they can be in another language, and most important the power they carry once spoken. One of my greatest pleasures in life only costs me my ability to focus. I do this very well when I’m seduced by an alphabetical rainbow spread on a surface that I can read from. The tone, language and even texture all plays apart. Enough of me exploiting my affair with the most utilized tool of literature.

In short…I LOVE words, and really enjoy when they create a powerful quote. Great quotes have a tendency to feed me with sustainable energy that lives beyond the moment. I follow someone on twitter who tweeted more than a few words that was worth writing down. Since it appeared on my timeline I’ve been reading it several times a day.

“A year from now, you’ll wish you started today” -@JeanetteJenkins

That tweet has been a constant reminder for me to not only check something off my to do list consistently, but also write one of the following words in a fun colored sharpie (usually teal or purple) across the task.

Finished. Complete. Done. Accomplished. Succeeded.

These are just a few words that carry a little torch of victory when applied to a simple daily task or long term goal that has been conquered. I have no clue what your goal is, but you know that one thing you wish you would have started a year ago, for some of us even a couple of hours ago. I know what my own are. Fortunately I now have something that helps sustains me enough to not allow it to be my reality any longer. Sure, I have one thing that may not get done daily while on my conquest to complete what I started, but I possess the fuel to keep me moving forward.

With the latter part of my introduction focusing on the power of the spoken word. Declare the following with me.

“My vision is worth the completion.” ~LondonEss

While you tackle your to do list, and revisit your goals, olease be sure to enjoy the ride on the way to finish line. Highlight the mistakes, they teach the greatest lessons.

*I’m not sure whether Jeanette Jenkins is the actual author for the quote*

Do You.

Period. No EXCUSES. Most important, stay true to you.

I learned a powerful lesson a few years ago. It was about the power that you gain when you release yourself from “expecting” anything from someone else. Although it’s hard to admit, I believe a great deal of us usually have a certain level of expectancy when we release our personal interests to the public on any level. In regards to a situation, certain person, or even a specific event. It doesn’t mean that it is the driving force or even the why to what ever it is that we are “doing”. Consider this, when you hold the door for me, you’re okay if I don’t say thanks but you will also remember that I didn’t. Why? We expect that most people practice basic manners at the bare minimum. But what happens when we don’t receive it. Most of the time life goes on.

But when you put your heart and soul into something that’s personal to you, that your passionate about and your response goes something like this…waiting….continue to wait for it…still nothing. Crickets possibly? Umm, not good. It’s discouraging, and can put you in a place of discontentment. It may make you question if you’re even good enough. You may stray from what comes naturally to you and start researching ways to get the response you think you want or deserve. When you take a risk and put yourself out there in any capacity you expect something in return. In life we don’t always get what we want. Or perhaps what you receive or the delivery of it, isn’t what you imagined. This happens to me frequently. Do understand that this isn’t a bad thing. It has become a tool I use to strengthen my determination instead of discourage me from how I want to do me.

Learn this lesson if you haven’t already. Just because you don’t see or hear about “it” doesn’t mean “it” isn’t happening. I don’t operate with my focus on expectancy from people. However I do pay attention and observe the feedback or sometimes lack thereof when I take a risk and share myself in any capacity. It’s a risk because if I am doing anything that I am passionate about 99% of the time it’s personal, which makes me a little vulnerable.

I share this with you to remind you to Do YOU and most importantly stay true to you. What ever it is that you have to contribute to the community of the human race make sure it’s your finger print that’s left and no one else’s. Trust me, someone will reap the benefits of your authenticity.

Food for thought…there are times when silence is really golden. A reserved response may be better than anything you would’ve ever expected.

*reserved- kept or set apart for some particular use or purpose*

Spring is in Thee Air…

I am well aware that we’ve been in the season of Spring for almost two weeks. But it’s never too late to share what I’m feeling with you guys. You see the bed of grass, you know you want to join me.


“…rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection…” according to our good friend Wikipedia and nature, Spring represents the following and much more.

It is the season of all things refreshed…this is the time of year when we literally get to see the blooming of new life. The sun lingers a little longer, the temperature warms up, butterflies come out to play, kids laughing is usually the soundtrack amongst most parks, and smiling becomes more of an accessory by instincts not choice. It is also the season of my birth…on yesterday I celebrated another year of LIVING with and on purpose. I feel younger 🙂

The concrete jungle raised me, however a part of me is a nature girl. I thrive off our natural resources; dirt (okay maybe not so much), grass, air, the sun, the moon, water in the form of a thunderstorm or waterfall, I’ll take it. I truly become excited, and it feels as if something has recharged me eternally. Matter of fact, I am sure that is what takes place. That very reason plays a huge role in why I adore this season.

Spring 2013 lasts 81 days. That’s not a lot of time. I was inspired to share what I deem my “Blooming in Spring” reminder guidelines with you. I hope you’re inspired to take advantage of these in the next 69 days before Summer kicks in.

Rebirth- a period of new life, growth or activity *Do something that hasn’t been done in a while, the weather is warmer. Ride your bike, go roller skating, go for a walk…a real one*

Rejuvenation- 1) to make (someone) feel or look young, healthy, or energetic again, 2) to give new strength or energy *Exercise more (opting for stairs verses elevator or escalator), breathe on purpose, switching up and reduce the makeup, playing music that makes me want to dance verses go on a killing spree or sit in the dark and cry. Lighten up… on everything 😉

Renewal- the state of being made new, fresh, or strong again *Change up the hair color (cut it even), toss out the clutter (papers, clothes, EXCUSES), switch out your linens to softer/brighter colors*

Resurrection- the act of causing something that had ended or been forgotten or lost to exist again, to be used again. *Jesus Christ is my reminder of the gift of new life, and the reason I never give up. It does not matter how many times I appear to have fallen, their is only one way to go when you are down. That’s UP! This blog is a representation of what has been resurrected in my literal life*

Spring has sprung…get with it!

 100_0292 100_0794 100_0796 100_0174 100_0291

Wikipedia didn’t tell me this one…but I believe Spring is the ultimate season for flirting…just make sure you’re respectful and it remains harmless. It’s healthy…you should try it. Those of you in committed relationships, it’s perfectly healthy to flirt with your significant other. I encourage it…*wink*

*Disclaimer* the definitions of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, and resurrection came from Learner’s Dictionary online. All photos are property of LondonEss