A Chocolate Fantasy Come True

PDEMOULIN Chocolatier

We ought to experience some luxurious simple pleasures along the journey. As a lover of chocolate, in a city that breeds the good stuff. I had to share my own. It all started with the seduction of the aroma, the rest is, as they say history. Introducing PDemoulin Patissier Chocolatier. A dose of heaven in my neighborhood that was craving my attention since a couple of nights ago. Today I had to give in and see what this dessert boutique saw in me. The little I did know was enough…this place had great taste.

You know it’s good when all you need is only a taste to not only satisfy but sustain you. When it lingers on past the initial meeting, and you’ve been captivated mentally, pleased aesthetically, nurtured emotionally and at peace spiritually. It’s better than good. My truth; I ABSOLUTELY experienced chocolate that accomplished all of that and a little more. Treat yourself…I sure did.

Jealous much? Don’t be. Your unfiltered version of pure JoY lies in your own journey. Have you taken one today? Check out some of the highlights from my own.

Strawberry Heaven Dessert Bar Dessert Bar Part 2

The Golden Eggs Chocolate Farm Chocolate Cuties Part 2

100E1208 The Ultimate Chocolate Milk

A little something that came home with me (*_~)

My Goodie Bag 100_1211 Chocolate Cutie

Happy Easter Bunnies!

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