Here Ya Go!

Hey You Guys!! So I know that its been over a year since my last post. I have no excuses. That was the past, and we’re now in the present. Since we all know the present is a gift, how about I treat it as such. I’m a woman whose easily smitten by a present that keeps on giving (so what I’m sappy). Now while I am really great at being the receiver, I will gladly GiVe this gift away with no expectation of a return. Here it goes…all my literal LovE I have stored up over my hiatus, sprinkled with a dash of imperfections, a few life indulging tips, topped off with a passion for the ultimate experience. From Harlem to Paris to who knows what’s next? You are in store for a magical carpet ride that’s enhanced with authenticity and a tad bit of vulnerability. I can’t forget about the dash of silliness. If that doesn’t sound like a tempting entrée,  this dish may not be for you. For those of you who are up for something new, let’s have a toast shall we….Here’s to the “Present”, and living a life that treats it as such *wink*.

I’m a sucker for nature and this photo gives me new life every time I see it…EnJoY…100_0079