Happy New Year! Right Now.

Sitting here just a few short hours from greeting “Twenty-Thirteen” in the face has me in what can only be described as a series of moods from intriguing to refreshing. I am super grateful that I’ve been given another chance to enter into a New Year. Yes I am grateful for an official new beginning. Of course I want to write down my list of resolutions to get me siked about the things that I’ve been trying to do for the last five years. Here’s the thing for me, all of the above is true. However coming forth are my facts. I’ve been in a grateful space at a minimum of several times daily for the last 365 days. I am aware that my body awakening in the morning is celebration worthy enough in itself. I also realize that when I use my time with purpose I’m exercising the ability to take advantage of another chance. When I put my pen to paper in preparation of creating results driven goals, it is because I am working with my future in mind already. I am ABSOLUTELY Grateful for the New Year. But I do not need it to Celebrate, Strategize, Be Thankful, or “Clean House”. Understand that I support any thing that triggers someone to be present enough to want to do the work that’s required to meet their own happiness. I am just not someone who is waiting on a “New Year” to exercise my power to do a new thing Right Now! I truly pray that you fit that description too. Your Life is equally important on any given day you are alive, as you may think it to be on January 1st of any year. Please remember that.

While reflecting on my own thoughts about the New Year, I became incredibly humbled and more inlove with God when I realized that I was unable to recall a moment in 2012 when I thought to myself “I can’t wait for this year to be over”. Do not think for one moment that struggle, hurt, obstacles and inconviences weren’t present. That is indeed untrue. But I want you to understand that I refused to be stuck in those spaces. That alone has granted me a great deal of freedom that I encounter everyday. That “Right Now” moment makes such a difference…I’m telling you what I know.

We just travled to a place that has eternal value when we acknowledge it. The Present.

Happy New Year!