Get To Know Me

Born and raised in the majestic, and historical streets of Harlem, NY is your author of Rules of Engagement , Shantay Alicia. Lover of laughter, great books, better wine, gift giving and all her riches in family and friends (plus Idris Elba). Exchanging your time for her own, will grant you access to her point of view on everything from simple pleasures (easily one of her favorite ways to enjoy life), to her “Rules of Engagement” (effective and easy practices that help her go through life with pleasure). Shantay Alicia is a creative being that is taking literal dreams drafted on paper, and producing them into an reality. Catch the wave, you’ll enjoy this ride.


6 thoughts on “Get To Know Me

  1. Hey Lady! I took some time to analyze contact info on Periscope! I am thrilled to find this treasure! I love how the world looks through your eyes! Thanks for sharing your experiences! Keep sharing! Be Blessed!

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