Dear former lovers & new friends,

I invite you to join me as I make my most valuable commitment to date. I’m getting married. You see my dream has been in pursuit of me for over ten years, and I’ve finally decided to slow down and let love in. I don’t want to fool around anymore. I’ve Invitation-1dated others, and honestly have been disappointed. I find myself in the same position, desiring more of what they couldn’t give me. Only you, my dream can fulfill that void. I’ll endure sleepless nights when it contributes to you becoming more real, and evident in my life. I want you as bad as you want me. I dream about you, literally. I want to shower you with love, and affection that translates into my best work. My 100% won’t always look the same, but I promise if you stay true to me, I’ll always give it to you. I’ve been negligent with you for so long. I commit to providing you with the evidence of my admiration, and respect for you by investing in your growth. Your needs are important to me, I hear you this time. You won’t have to yell at me to take the course, to invest in myself, to take the risks. I know if I believe in you the way you believe in me…we’ll be unstoppable. I am so thrilled about making a commitment to you that I want the world to know. Accept my commitment and wear this ring? I love you more than anything in the world. You’re a gift from God, and I won’t disappoint my Father with lack of care for you any longer.

I LoVe YoU!

~Shantay Alicia


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