The Experience: Dominican Republic (Part 2)

You were perfect in every way. I didn’t seek you, you sought me out and captured my vulnerability. I had to go through you to get to my destination. The thought of Dominican Republic made my eyes gaze, but you made my heart flutter. 39,000 feet above mother Earth is where we met. Sky LifeYour abundance let me know that attention is something I would never lack. You were gracious to everyone, but made me feel special. We communicated as we transitioned from one stage in our bond to the next. You surprised me at every corner. I loved it. I know we can never be exclusive. But it’ll never change how I feel about you. Please give my love to the stars that gave us privacy, and hid while we spent time together. See you soon.

A constant highlight I experience when I travel across the skies, is in fact the sky. I am forever obsessed with it’s beauty, diversity and commanding presence. The beach at Puerto Plata was indeed incredible, but hands down I found love way up high. Thank you God for being so gracious. You do not have to board a flight to become apart of this love affair. I’m a selfish girl, and the exhilaration of the sky is one of the things I’d happily share with you.


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