Rules Of Engagement…#8

Pay attention to what you pay attention to.

I am so baffled…seriously. I constantly witness a community of people specifically on social media that are addressing their “haters” or “stalkers” or “confused fans” with subliminal unbothered messages. I don’t desire to replicate what they do, so this will be short and sweet. If you are not bothered, really happy with pursuing your best life, busy making moments out of our limited time on Earth, manifesting your purpose, and helping other people in the process, having the greatest romantic experience that you never thought possible, making a family vacation the ultimate and now annual experience, celebrating your friend for achieving yet another goal…you get it.


How dare you diminish the value of your time, and address people who have yet to truly take note of how precious their time is.

It’s so easy I promise…

You do NOT.


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