The Experience: Dominican Republic (Part 1)

I now know what it’s like to have God kiss my feet through the ocean.

In the beginning of May, I spent a week in Puerto Plata, DR. I exhausted my personal time line for sun and sand, and let’s just say not a thing, nor a being was stopping me from enjoying the experience that was in store for me.

The weather was pure pleasure. I received five star service from the time my driver picked me up, until the time he drove me back for my wpid-20150504_141122.jpgdeparture. My purpose for this vacation was rest and relaxation. I conquered this quest masterfully. Although I awoke every morning at 6:30am fully rested, regardless of how late I stayed up the night before. By 10:30am on most days I had showered, meditated on the beach, ate a fulling breakfast (sometimes twice) accompanied by fresh pineapple juice and steaming hot coffee, read a few chapters from my chosen book poolside, and gave a pitiful performance of my one woman show titled “Beautiful Bronze Boy: I’m Not Playing Hard To Get…I Am”. Trust me, if you didn’t see the show, you didn’t miss anything. I sucked!

My days blended together. I spent the majority of my time being seduced by the waves in the ocean. My room was a two minute walk to the beach, and I had a great view of it from my balcony. I was in a constant state of “awe” by this beast of a tropical bath. Being from NYC, beaches and beautiful bodies of water aren’t on our list of attractions. So imagine my greed for the attention it gave me. I’d visited plenty of beaches from St. Marteen to Anguilla, but this one in Playa Dorada was especially kind to me. Every time my toes met the sand and ocean combined, I promise you it felt like tickled kisses from God. So pure. So gentle. So loving. So ALIVE. My solo vacation was well worth the peace and tranquility that met me there.

Whatever it is that you desire to EXPERIENCE today. I pray it’s worth missing.

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