Do It Scared

So I’ve been thinking, and semi bullying myself to follow through with a project that I’ve wanted to produce for a few years now. It highlights an area that speaks to my gifts. I’m a visionary so I see it, literally. However, why do I find myself tripping over the same stumbling block that I built? I’m SCARED!! I said it!  Scared to “fail”, scared that it won’t be “perfect”. I’ve involuntarily been the recipient of some challenging moments that I’ve embraced as an experience. But this thing here is so personal. I WANT it so bad that I’m afraid of it. If this doesn’t make any since to you, it’s okay (I’m really speaking to myself).

I know the acronym for fear and am determined to push through it. I’m going to do this thing! And it’s going to be so damn fabulous! Join me and do whatever your “it” is, scared! Continue your education, take a solo vacation (highly recommended), apologize to whom you’ve wrong, quit the job, confront the parent, cut off the friendship, start the business, take the dance class. Just do it! Do it scared!


The time will never be right. Perfection  is an illusion that we chase only to avoid the responsibility of doing it. Convincing ourselves that we must get “it” right in order to actually perform a task does nothing more than hold us hostage.

~Shantay Alicia

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