I’m a Bathing Beauty and I Love It!

While I thoroughly enjoy a personal rainstorm (especially when I exfoliate), my favorite choice on the menu will forever and always be a bath. Sitting in a luscious tub of water that agrees with my mood and takes me wherever I need to go for the next 45 minutes is always pretty damn good to me. I spend a significant amount of my budget on making sure that my bathing experience is anything but ordinary. In the past couple of months I’ve taken my creativity to a new level. The results are, my version of the ultimate bath product! The details are to come…but the photo is the evidence that last nights bathing experience was pretty magical.


I do understand that not everyone cares to spend money or time to even sit in the bathtub. However, if you are intrigued and believe you deserve a better bath than just running water, I have created a quick “cheat sheet” so to speak. Dedicated to the inner bather in you that wishes to indulge more often. Get into it:

  1. Epsom salt; classic and forever affordable. This is great way soak those muscles that may be a little tight. 1 cup under hot water and soaking for about 15 minutes will help release some of the tension in your joints.
  2. Milk; fresh or powered can make a phenomenal tub of water. Depending on the type you utilize, the benefits are pretty impressive. Your skin will be noticeably softer, and mildly exfoliated. 2 cups of fresh milk or 1 cup of dry milk will get you started (this is a bathing treat where you don’t want to be stingy)
  3. Flowers; if you keep these beauties around, before they dry out completely toss a few in your bathing water. A light aroma and visual enhancement will help you relax, and the foreign texture touching your skin every so often should at least make you giggle a time or two.
  4. Oil; olive oil and coconut oil are incredible for nourishment and can be easily found in most kitchens. A little goes a long way and will leave you moisturized once you’re ready to get out the tub. 1/3 of a cup is all you’ll need.
  5. Alcohol; red wine or sake work wonders in the bath tub. They aid in circulation and red wine packs a punch of antioxidants. Who doesn’t need more of those to protect the skin. 1 cup of either will do.

Voila! Your bath time has went from basic to better. Now of course their is so much more that can be done while bathing. I just wanted to give you a few easy go-to’s. What is most important is that you remember it is about the experience for you. Whatever reflects your personal style while bathing will help you enjoy it so much more.

We encounter daily rituals that can easily be enhanced if only we took the time to do so.

Cheers to living a good life on your terms


PS Bonus tip: Candles! Tealights are actually perfect, the fragrance doesn’t compete and 5 of them spread out in the bathroom gives perfect mood lighting.

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