The LondonEss Lifestyle…is ALIVE!!

LondonEss; a reflection of moments worth capturing | A commitment to a few extra minutes to perfect what makes you feel special | The greatest bath only getting better | A fuchsia colored gust of wind left behind when I leave | SEXY | Fun | Evolving | Simple pleasures made incredible Experiences.

When the name LondonEss came to me well over ten years ago, the defining factor behind the name has fluctuated a few times, but what has remained is the experience I wish to encourage people to enjoy. It is incredibly easy to go through out the day and miss the moments that can become something greater. However, when we have a different perspective and a little creativity it’s amazing how much joy we can add to our daily encounters. This is what I will focus on exclusively from now on. Rules are made to be broken so don’t kill me if I decide to color outside the lines a couple of times. I am truly embracing the importance of a healthy lifestyle and LondonEss represents my lifestyle. When I say healthy; I am speaking of being true to you. Your core, the thing inside of you that makes you tick in a good way. When I  do this and have those days that I’m committed to it, I feel like I am leaving my version of fairy dust all over New York City and it feels good. Lifestyle is defined as a way of living. This is why it is so important for me to expand on my vision for this blog. I am committed to truly enjoying the way I live my life and that needs to be mirrored in how in all areas of my life. With all that said…I am EXCITED!!! The coming attractions to this blog will reflect the love I have for beauty, self care, music, travel, and mini moments that become daily highlights. Trust me if you’re a little interested you’ll want to stick around. There is nothing new about what I enjoy, what I intent to share with you all, and why I feel it’s important. What will be undeniable is my finger print. I choose to do it my way. The BIGGEST part of this new direction is my love of giving. People who know me personally know that it is my nature to give. I am always pulling something out of my purse for a girlfriend if I discovered something new worth sharing. What does your lifestyle look like? How is it  reflected in your daily living? Is it something that already has a category or have your made it personal like myself? Leave a comment and who knows, I may send you a little something 🙂 Say you’ll stay and join my community on Instagram; @TheLondonEssLifestyle. Once you do, please leave a comment that you are a supporter from the blog. I have plans on creating a special giveaway for you guys.

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