Did I really just start the title of this post with a hashtag. So lame and already dated I know. But so what… Now about last night.
Last night after working my day job, I get home and I had the courage to do laundry. Sure that sounds simple, not so intimidating, but when it’s cold and your favorite laundromat is a few blocks over and snow residue is still present in some areas. The thought of washing clothes isn’t very welcoming. But a girls gotta do what a clean girls gotta do! Still, their was no way I was just going to sit, watch and wait. While my clothes were getting clean in the machine, I snuck off for really good hot chocolate 🙂 at the neighborhood coffee shop.


While sitting and sipping I took a mental vacation and went not a damn place. And I loved it! Weird I know. However I am constantly thinking, analyzing, questioning, debating and etc in this head of mine. It is overwhelming exhausting and taxing on my emotions at times. But last night I sipped pretty and thought of nothing. And I enjoyed it. I wondered if my attempts (I am very intentional with that word because so far no effort has felt truly successful) at meditating in public spaces was starting to pay off. I welcome and experience peace frequently so you can imagine my surprise when this isn’t the word that best describes my moment of dwelling on nothing. You guys I was EXCITED! What I loved about experiencing a calmness in my head was that although I was thinking of not one thing…I was able to HEAR so much. Not just stuff that creates a mental traffic jam either. My ability to become still in mind increased my opportunity to listen.

Two ears, one mouth.

I share this with you because although I am, without a doubt a God loving dragon slayer who can turn into a butterfly, all while encouraging you to celebrate your life and dare you to be yourself. I am a human being and sometimes it’s okay to do nothing (while sipping hot chocolate and washing your clothes). You’d be surprised at what you may experience.

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