I’m Talking To You (Me?)

Dear Self,

The one thing that is constant in life is change. You know that better than anyone. As you have evolved and matured in age you’ve learned to embrace it. Of course not all the time. I remember reading somewhere that when you have a business plan and in five years it is still the same, you’re doomed to fail. Totally paraphrasing but you get the point. That has stuck out in the back of my mind since I’ve come across it and it used to be a tad bit intimidating dare I admit. Maybe because I am a control freak :-). This morning I woke up and got it! Which is a great thing because the truth is my plans haven’t been working the way I hoped. Yes, I’ve been making progress which is always great. However, I am in search of results.

So get prepared for the change that may be self inflicted and inspired by nature as well. You know the things you no longer wish to  partake in. This goes for business, personal and family relationships. Tough it will. This is true. Fortunately one thing that has not changed about you is your strength,  that my dear continues to evolve.

I Love You More Each Day,
~Shantay Alicia

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