The Moment I Knew I Was Thirty

Although I am naturally a petite yet lean woman in body type. I must admit that after the age of twenty five I had  to be more purposeful about my effort to work out and what I ate. Let’s just say I slowly started to notice that fat wanted to linger in certain places it was not  welcomed. I don’t do diets nor gyms. I adjust, edit andwith trial and error I have gained results. Having a major sweet tooth and a love affair with carbs only made it more challenging for myself.

One afternoon recently while on my lunch break in the cafe at work. I had just finished enjoying a good meal. Chicken, vegetables and mashed potatoes. The cafe bakes fresh chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies and double chocolate chip cookies EVERY day. Did I mention I had a sweet tooth? Well when I decided to get some dessert after my meal… and skipped the cookies for more broccoli. That was #TheMomentIKnewIWasThirty

I literally had an “a ha” moment. I texted one of my good friends to share my discovery. She laughed at me. I was then reminded that she did  just say about a week prior that she was celebrating her one year anniversary of thirty on her next birthday.
So…what did I do next? Smiled and embraced change. From now on I get double the veggies and only one cookie 🙂

Have you experienced a pivotal moment that revealed a change in your age? If so, tell me about it.

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