Merry Christmas? Almost…

We are three weeks away from Christmas and I have yet to purchase one single gift. Quite frankly I have no intention of changing that. At this point in my life I’m not really interested in the hoopla of Christmas shopping. If you know me personally surely this sounds blasphemous. I am a great gift giver and it literally makes me super happy & giddy on the inside to pull a little something out of my bag for a friend or dig in my closet for family and see what I have laying around. You have to imagine the fight I am putting up not to indulge even just a little. I am not denouncing Christmas gifts by any means. I am just not doing it this year.

However,  I am all about celebrating and showing my appreciation in the form of a thoughtful gift during this holiday season and any time of the year as per my usual. Does it sound hypocritical? Maybe a little. What I know to be the difference is my priorities. I have four people that I wish to show my appreciation to in the form of a love gift this holiday season for very specific and different reasons. These individuals are not super close friends, but they have extended a great dose of love in action on my behalf and for that I want to celebrate them this holiday season. What normally happens is I start my list early September,  edit it at least a dozen times. Take care of my immediate family, pick up a little something extra here, a little something extra there.  Participate in my family’s annual grab bag. I’m going to miss this. We have FUN! And give great gifts. We set or spending limit and work hard to get giftswe know each other will love.  If I picked you, you were lucky. I made my money streeeeeetch! At least four different things to unwrap and good stuff too.

I love this tradition because I am a gift giver naturally. I just want more purpose when I extend a gesture of appreciation, love or inspiration. Christmas is supposed to represent the birth of Christ (which has proven to be a little off on the date anyway, that’s another story). If that is the case something is really wrong with what the holiday has turned into when it comes to gifts. I can’t even begin to think how many people go into the new year deeper in debt because of a holiday. I’ll past on that. Christ was about love, compassion and forgiveness. Fist fights breaking out because your Christmas shopping on Black Friday has not a thing to do with the reason for the season.

I am fully participating in everything else I love about the holiday. Good food, great loved ones, better music and plenty of pictures to document the experience. I guess I am still giving Christmas gifts this year, perhaps the rules and definition of gifts has evolved.

What’s your family holiday tradition?

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