When nature speaks, you listen!

Dear Disney Yacht Club and Resort,

I miss you!

~A returning guest

Those are more than my thoughts, those are my feelings. In October I had the pleasure of embracing the child within while at a women’s conference, and stayed at the resort I’m penning an express love letter to. Easily my second favorite thing I’ve done this year, next to moving to Paris. Perhaps because traveling was involved. I got to be of service and bond with some  great women, run around the Magic Kingdom AND trick or treat there too! That’s my kind of conference. One day while taking a short walk back to the hotel from the conference hall I looked up and saw this in the sky. Searched for my camera and snapped about three pictures immediately. What I did next was easy and rewarding…I stood still and let nature to talk to me.


This is what Mother Nature told me.GO! Just go on ahead after your dreams girl! Your truth! Your happiness! Your wholeness! Go challenge yourself with the uncomfortable! Go be honest with your self and eliminate all that sloppy mess (she used another word relating to waist though). Go LOVE on you unapologetically! Go extend grace and mercy to people. Go and graciously remind nosey folks that they have to respect the boundaries you set up for your life if they wish to be in your life! At this point I had a moment of meditation and practiced deep breathing.

Okay so technically,  it’s the sky writer doing their job not really the clouds talking. But the sky was the canvas and the clouds got to accentuate the beauty of two simple letters and deliver a powerful message.

Go – move from one place or point to another; travel

The simplicity of this definition provided by Google is magical and empowering. How often do we utilize words to communicate effectively, but neglect to think of what it actually represents. With these two letters I offer you a simple challenge, go somewhere that frightens you a little. For some of us this is an internal trip to take, for others if may be two blocks West of your neighborhood. No matter how big or small, just go…


This is me going deeper within myself while at the conference.

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