Midnight Journey…First Stop Music

As much as I adore music, I love sleep.
In a culture when applause and retweets are the form of celebration when lack of sleep is expressed, I get that I may sound a little odd. I am a dedicated member of #TeamGoodNightsSleep club. However every now and again, rest is interrupted and finding my way back to dreamland is harder than I’d like. Most times I may lay still and experience peace of mind. Other times the volume of my thoughts may be too loud to handle. When I realize I’m not going back to that sacred space of resting anytime soon, I do stuff. This time I did music… And lots of it.

I am convinced that music and I are in a relationship and I am emotionally abused at times. 95% of the time I instantly embody and feel the song, the tone, it’s mood and message. That is why it is important to pay attention to what we listen to. I have had so many days when I had to work on getting a song out of my head because frankly the lyrics either offended me of triggered an emotional response that really had no substance. Music is beyond powerful.

With a few hours to go before I really need to get up to start my day, I grabbed my phone & head phones and took a journey. I started out in party mode and by the third song I was convinced I was getting ready on a Saturday night. Don’t judge my life 🙂 i softened up a little bit with some of my new favorites from male r&b artists. Traveled back in time with classic soul music that is easily 15-20 years older than me. I was on a musical train ride and loving it. My last stop was my favorite, worship music. Completely free and having a moment of intimacy with my God is always what I need and more than I can ask for. It was my lullaby. It rocked me to sleep…

Upon waking up and beginning the hustle and bustle of my day, I’m thinking of everything but my midnight love affair. As soon as I step out and taste the crisp in the air I remember in an instant and my smile is infectious,  contagious and people are curious to where I am off to. Or where am I coming from. I’m baffled that my midnight concert leaves residue that I traveled and never left my bed.

Where will you go when being still captures you to do something you love?

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