31 Days Til A New Year

I find that the ending of a year always triggers a natural high or low for most people embarking and participating in this journey called life. We either are really excited about our productivity, running around a tad bit crazy trying to complete our “to-do list in” a short period of time, or praying that we hurry up and enter a new year. Most people unfortunately identify with the latter. I’m usually equal parts on all, depending on my mood.

Considering that I have been having an affair on my blog with my journal leads me to want to make up for it. Not for you, but for me. So I am challenging myself to a 31 Day Challenge for the entire month of December. I am focusing solely on daily posts that I LOVE. (Yes, I am totally aware that this is not a new challenge, and an official one actually exists) It may be, a 700 word rant with a rhythm and a message to it. A three word love note with a photo that tells the true story. A recommendation of a new song, recipe, or place that I visited that is worth sharing…you get the picture. Ultimately there is no script nor direction, I am just going forward. Today marks day 1!

Happy Holidays! ↓

Bvlgari Window

One of the many benefits of living in the city that never sleeps is the visual eye candy of boutique stores along 5th Avenue showing off their version of holiday cheer.

Dear Santa,

I want world peace and something that sparkles.


Oh! As always, yes this is a selfish challenge however you’re invited. Is their one thing you can do daily and commit to end 2013 off with a personal bang! Instead of buying Starbucks every morning, make your coffee or tea at home. Or dance to your favorite song? You have a smart phone? Good, download one of the many apps that calculates your daily steps, set a goal and make sure you hit it daily. This is fun and annoying at times. I have walked up and down in my house making sure I accomplished those last 300 steps in order to achieve my goal after I have put myself to bed. You get it. Join me?

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