How Do You Spend Your 24?

*Disclaimer: This is a personal post and reminder to myself before anything else. I apologize in advance for my selfishness*


We all have the same twenty four hours in a day. As long as we have today, we have another opportunity. The fight daily for greatness, success, and happiness is an infinite one, if you are continually evolving as a person. Stagnation doesn’t compliment those words I used to describe what most people strive for on a daily basis. I support these words and what they represent to those who have worked incredibly hard to see that they are applied to their life. How much has it cost you? What does the sacrifice look like in your life for the tangible evidence that you’re successful? I believe and support a strong work ethic for what you say you want out of life (a personal goal of my own is to strengthen mine for my personal business goals). However I am not subscribed to the #NoDaysOff or #TeamNoSleep culture. NEVER will be. That concept costs too much.

I desire peace, self love in it’s totality, an experience everyday of my life, the means to do everything I please, and the resources to be a gift to others in whatever capacity that may be needed. How much will that cost me? Let’s see…I would have to be committed to creating some down time in my mind just so my thoughts don’t drive me crazy, if I desire peace. I would also have to pay close attention to my circle of influence. Next I would have to be so kind, respectful, loving and caring to myself that anything contrary to those things remove themselves from my atmosphere automatically. Practicing patience, being encouraging and non judgmental towards others so they can love themselves on their terms is important as well. A journey awaits everyone who is open to it. My ability to stay present will increase my daily experiences. Knowing my priorities, being committed to my work and contributing to the world from my portion will most certainly make room for me to do EVERYTHING in life I desire. Paying it forward, and remembering that the smallest act usually has the largest impact will keep me believing that I will always have a great inventory of resources to be a blessing to others…that’s all. That is all I have to do. I am capable of doing all of the above and more. How I spend my twenty four makes the difference. Paying attention to what dominates my time daily has had an incredible impact on how I see things now. Frankly I wasted so much time worrying about how much time I didn’t have. Ironic, but true. After making such an observation it blew my mind how much of my time I had access to when I approached my days differently. I am now committed to spending my twenty four wisely.

Their are some things that I have experienced in my life that has cost me too much of my emotional, mental and yes physical currency. To not do everything I can in my daily twenty four hours to contribute to what I say I want is self robbery. God’s given me too much to do nothing with it! I do not have to edit my version of a Quality Life for no one…I am worth what I say I want. How I spend my twenty four moving forward will be the test to see how much I believe what I say I can do.

Is your twenty four being sacrificed for “stuff” that appears to represent success? Are you cheapening your happiness because of  poor time management? We all get twenty hours a day. Is your time being spent like this ↓


*Both photos provided by google image search

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