Hey Autumn!

Hey guys…yes I’ve been MIA since my return to NYC. But now I’m back. Tis the season to get and stay focused. The last time we talked about a season I was paying homage to the greatness that is Spring. Today we get up close and personal with its opposite; Fall.

I will admit I am an individual who thrives and cries, sometimes complains when in transition. I enjoy good weather and loads of sun light. However my fancy gets tickled when leafs change colors and you no longer wish to choke your caffeinated drink of choice to death with crushed ice. Something about the arrival of September triggers people to get and stay focused, for a little while at least. It’s been some time since I’ve been an official student, but I get excited every time I see the stores targeting parents and adult students alike with their flashy for sale signs. Neon highlighters, fun shaped post-its and cute little note books? I’ll take two of each please. My source of creativity speeds into high gear just from the visual. With Fall officially here and only a few months left in the year, its like the whole world takes notice that its “grind time”. I am sure I am not only speaking for myself when I express that all that stuff that pondered my brain in the beginning of the year, now takes a front row seat at my extreme to do list makeover show and say “hey did you forget about me”? Granted I tackled my biggest goal and moved to another country. But there are a few things that I have yet to do…that was supposed to get checked off my list a few months back.

I am not in need of a new season to get focused, however this chic is mighty glad its harvest time. Sure, I have a few things to take care of before we enter into 2014, but I most certainly didn’t take a daily dose of lazy vitamins since I’ve been home. A few notes here, video recordings there, and a free class taken a time or two has all played a huge part in things to come for me. My harvest is looking mighty good and for that very reason alone…I must honor my own efforts and take advantage of the drive to stay focused. If you’re saying to your self “damn, I was supposed to do this, this and this by now”. Don’t beat yourself up! You have time to do all of those things as long as you are blessed with the opportunity to experience a “today”. Life is about the journey…take a step closer to be committed to staying focused. I will be on the path that has the yellow brick road, say hi if you see me 🙂


If you have been blessed with the magically gift to stay laser sharp Focused continuously please share a tip or two with me.

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