And I Quote…

I have an admiration for words. What they can do once written, the way they perform artistically, how elusive they can be in another language, and most important the power they carry once spoken. One of my greatest pleasures in life only costs me my ability to focus. I do this very well when I’m seduced by an alphabetical rainbow spread on a surface that I can read from. The tone, language and even texture all plays apart. Enough of me exploiting my affair with the most utilized tool of literature.

In short…I LOVE words, and really enjoy when they create a powerful quote. Great quotes have a tendency to feed me with sustainable energy that lives beyond the moment. I follow someone on twitter who tweeted more than a few words that was worth writing down. Since it appeared on my timeline I’ve been reading it several times a day.

“A year from now, you’ll wish you started today” -@JeanetteJenkins

That tweet has been a constant reminder for me to not only check something off my to do list consistently, but also write one of the following words in a fun colored sharpie (usually teal or purple) across the task.

Finished. Complete. Done. Accomplished. Succeeded.

These are just a few words that carry a little torch of victory when applied to a simple daily task or long term goal that has been conquered. I have no clue what your goal is, but you know that one thing you wish you would have started a year ago, for some of us even a couple of hours ago. I know what my own are. Fortunately I now have something that helps sustains me enough to not allow it to be my reality any longer. Sure, I have one thing that may not get done daily while on my conquest to complete what I started, but I possess the fuel to keep me moving forward.

With the latter part of my introduction focusing on the power of the spoken word. Declare the following with me.

“My vision is worth the completion.” ~LondonEss

While you tackle your to do list, and revisit your goals, olease be sure to enjoy the ride on the way to finish line. Highlight the mistakes, they teach the greatest lessons.

*I’m not sure whether Jeanette Jenkins is the actual author for the quote*

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