Do You.

Period. No EXCUSES. Most important, stay true to you.

I learned a powerful lesson a few years ago. It was about the power that you gain when you release yourself from “expecting” anything from someone else. Although it’s hard to admit, I believe a great deal of us usually have a certain level of expectancy when we release our personal interests to the public on any level. In regards to a situation, certain person, or even a specific event. It doesn’t mean that it is the driving force or even the why to what ever it is that we are “doing”. Consider this, when you hold the door for me, you’re okay if I don’t say thanks but you will also remember that I didn’t. Why? We expect that most people practice basic manners at the bare minimum. But what happens when we don’t receive it. Most of the time life goes on.

But when you put your heart and soul into something that’s personal to you, that your passionate about and your response goes something like this…waiting….continue to wait for it…still nothing. Crickets possibly? Umm, not good. It’s discouraging, and can put you in a place of discontentment. It may make you question if you’re even good enough. You may stray from what comes naturally to you and start researching ways to get the response you think you want or deserve. When you take a risk and put yourself out there in any capacity you expect something in return. In life we don’t always get what we want. Or perhaps what you receive or the delivery of it, isn’t what you imagined. This happens to me frequently. Do understand that this isn’t a bad thing. It has become a tool I use to strengthen my determination instead of discourage me from how I want to do me.

Learn this lesson if you haven’t already. Just because you don’t see or hear about “it” doesn’t mean “it” isn’t happening. I don’t operate with my focus on expectancy from people. However I do pay attention and observe the feedback or sometimes lack thereof when I take a risk and share myself in any capacity. It’s a risk because if I am doing anything that I am passionate about 99% of the time it’s personal, which makes me a little vulnerable.

I share this with you to remind you to Do YOU and most importantly stay true to you. What ever it is that you have to contribute to the community of the human race make sure it’s your finger print that’s left and no one else’s. Trust me, someone will reap the benefits of your authenticity.

Food for thought…there are times when silence is really golden. A reserved response may be better than anything you would’ve ever expected.

*reserved- kept or set apart for some particular use or purpose*

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