Sleepless in the City

Oh Paris how I love you. You’re so beautiful. Magical even. And sure, it’s fine that I’ve been up to about 6am every single day for the two weeks I’ve been here so far. Sure I’m still jet lagged (insert side eye). And yes Paris, you give good sky normally, but I can barely see it because of the constant clouds that takes residence. Let’s not forget the rain. Constantly.

If we were on a first date, right about now would be when I decided I needed the rest room, hiked up my skirt, climbed out the back window and left you. Why? Because, right now you SUCK! Sure you’re gorgeous and have the best pastries I’ve ever experienced (my inner fat girl loves you for it). Yes, to the sexy accent, great culture, and the Eiffel Tower. However you have failed to give me what I need. Okay, so just maybe I’m not exactly sure what that looks like yet. Stop judging.

This is my point. When you don’t let me sleep, I bitch and moan and act like a brat, point out all of your flaws and how you haven’t pleased me. There is most certainly something about you Paris France, I don’t even get like this with NYC. Perhaps I should meditate.

And I do, grateful for my breathing app on my iPad (yes, occasionally I need help with breathing, properly).

Here it is. The experience, which is really a reminder. My marble stone tiles that are paving the way during my journey heat up under my feet, and allow the girl that has shown up to be checked by the woman who really runs the heart of me. Young lady you will have a seat and get over it. All of it. You are responsible for your own joy, pleasure, happiness, well being, fun, sunny skies and rainbows too. No city is responsible for your needs. Even on a bad day…your best is always more than enough, and you already know Who supplies your needs. So apologize, pull it together and get some rest.

I’m sorry…Good Night.

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