A Ha!

If you already read “Dear Paris “, then you are aware that I’m on a journey in a foreign city. Although I am meeting myself at my best daily, I’m still waiting on my Parisian Butterfly to sprinkle fairy dust my way (in my head butterflies and fairies share stuff, kind of like sisters) that will do more than just highlight my cheekbones perfectly. With all my current thoughts shared, let’s get to it, shall we?

I believe it is safe to say that you too, are apart of the human species like myself. Our hearts beat, we have blood flowing through our veins, and lungs that produce us with the mighty gift of oxygen (if we’re fortunate enough). Occasionally the very small percentage of our brain that we actually utilize creates an “A Ha” moment in our lives.  The one that I recently experienced was like a sun shower on a hot Summer day. Unexpected, appreciated, and necessary. Also just enough to distract me from waiting on my Parisian Butterfly. Our moment was an incredible one, but it is in the past and just maybe that is where it shall stay. With being accepting of that and open to the experiences I am in the midst of, I can’t help but become just a little more excited.

It is absolutely great news when you are able to release that thing, moment, and sometimes person that gave you a dose of something so delicious you wait patiently to feast on it once more. You even do your best to conjure up the fragrance of that meal,  believing in your mind that you were the chef who created it for it all along. I know…you may have no clue what direction I’m going in, but don’t worry I almost know how this ends.

My ‘A Ha’, is and was “What is my Legacy? Am I planting the seeds? Why is it important to me?” All of these thoughts just hit me at once, like a ton of bricks. BOOM! The fact that I am on a journey and have no clue how it will end, has already decorated my yellow brick road (except we’re swapping yellow bricks for marble stone tiles) with a strong foundation for the future pieces of me. My legacy that is. I discovered that I want to have an influential impact on this world by inspiring, motivating, challenging, empowering and LOVING through living a courageous life on my terms. And when I make the mistakes, learn the lesson and keep it moving. In short, I want people to remember that I had the guts to take off, spread my wings and FLY. I already expressed to you how the game had changed once I touched down on my dream, and that my tactic was to play for the experience. I believe it is safe to say that I now have a reason to play for the ‘Win’. My hunger for the prize lies in my gift I wish to leave in the future, I’m no longer doing this just for me.

In case you didn’t notice, I believe in miracles and the enchanted. After seeing a rainbow on the concrete wouldn’t you…


I was wrong. I had no clue how this would end. What I do know, is that my pen leads and I follow.

One thought on “A Ha!

  1. Love this. It reminds me of someone I know, who will be blogging soon! So inspiring…I too “believe in miracles and the enchanted.” In fact, we are what we believe! #legacy #love #enchanted #miracles


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