I Traveled in Harlem…Cafe Mocha Anyone?

If you have a bigger appetite for the atmosphere of the coffee shop than the beverage, this is absolutely for the lover in you …

I am quite pleased with the notion of a Tall Cafe Mocha (sweetened with vanilla syrup, NO WHIP Please!), from my local Starbucks on any give day. However sometimes you have to push yourself to go on diet from all sorts of things, not just your basic food groups. With that said, I decreased on commercialism and added a heavy dose of authenticity to my life. Introducing Max Caffe. I will admit, I didn’t find this diamond in the rough on my own. I met a business associate at the Caffe and was so impressed with it, that I returned the very same evening. Considering that I have to remind myself to engage in experiences and seek the journey in all things…me traveling to Max Caffe a third time in two days (don’t judge me) was when it became a “trip”. Chillaxing in a cafe while listening to Adele and Lauryn Hill through the speakers isn’t quite that fancy or even hard to come by nowadays, so that wasn’t the turn on for me. I became excited on the inside as I pondered the original art work on the wall that truly told stories, the dated furniture that probably represented a moment in time, and the rustic chic atmosphere that captured cozy and charming… it was kinda hot, but not really. Which I deemed Perfection! There is no way that I could have walked through the front door and not stay even if only for a little while. For goodness sake, the couches screamed “come cuddle with me”. However, it was the mirror on the back wall that reflected my “Next” moment. That is when I realized that I traveled without a boarding pass. I was about five to seven minutes away from my home in a cab ride and I went somewhere (I hope you guys are with me). My moment in the mirror made it a trip worth traveling for. A two-day trip that involved three visits, a cafe mocha, a glass of white wine, and a tasty smoked salmon panini. Actually turned out to be this place where growth and courage gained a larger space of residency internally for me. Remember my original purpose for going to Max Caffe was to meet with a business associate. Let’s just say that I signed the first of many life shaping and enhancing contracts to come. More on that later.

This is must if you are in need of a dose of something more while sipping your coffee. Yes the atmosphere made me want to spend the night. But the internal transformation is the reason I consider it a Harlem Jewel. Make your next beverage run an adventure. Seek the treasures that are waiting to be discovered. Of course it’s more than just good coffee…

MaxCaffe1 MaxCaffe5 MaxCaffe7 MaxCaffe3 MaxCaffe4 MaxCaffe9 MaxCaffe10 MaxCaffe11 100_0972

2 thoughts on “I Traveled in Harlem…Cafe Mocha Anyone?

  1. I throughly enjoyed this trip in Harlem, especially, “my moment in the mirror made it a trip worth traveling for” those moments are priceless, full of awareness and transformation!

    Thank you for sharing.


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